Grow your business using video testimonials

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Have you ever watched a YouTube video about a review of a product before purchasing it? The video where a customer talks about the respective product, its benefits, and other factors?

Yes! that’s exactly what a testimonial video is.

A testimonial video is a short video made by a client or a customer, giving their review on a particular product. They talk about how the company’s product and service have benefited them. Via testimonial video, they share their experience with the product and the services of the company.

Testimonial videos indirectly work as an advertisement. Hence, it’s the best way to promote business.



Video marketing helps in generating sales and business everywhere.

With the growing increase of online purchasing, customers always check for reviews of a product beforehand. In this case, video reviews help customers to understand the product better. For example, when customers see someone talking about how much they liked their experience with a certain business or product, they are more likely to consider buying it.

A video testimonial gives necessary details about your product through a trusted consumer. This proves to be more effective than an advertisement. The customers not only give positive reviews about the product but also drives the attention of the buyers through their video. They give a brief account of how to use the product and how much the product is beneficial. This attracts the customers as they visually get to witness and learn more about the product.

Consequently, you can promote your products on social media via Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. Plenty of bloggers, can promote your product, make a video testimonial, and share in their accounts. This helps to increases sales as the followers tend to get convinced by their favorite bloggers to use the product.


Feedback of a product is the second source of providing product descriptions. Any customer would like to learn more about the details of your product. In this case, video testimonials serve the best way to get customer’s faith.

Video testimonials help you become a more trusted brand to your consumers. These videos are proving powerful for marketing business because they give visual social proof of a good product or service to possible consumers.


Written reviews are feedbacks are great, but a video testimonial takes a step further. It shows emotion. That’s something that other mediums have trouble matching.

The more consumers look at the product, the more they tend to get influenced to buy the product.

To make a great video testimonial, you have to make it look genuine. Scripting can be great, but it doesn’t sound authentic. One needs an authentic look and feel to build trust in the brand.

Video testimonial of a customer talks about three things.

Firstly, it talks about the problems faced by the customer, which helps the viewer relate to their problem.

Secondly, it talks about how your product/service helped them, this attracts the viewer towards your product.

Thirdly, the recommendation of the product helps in influencing the customer to buy the product.

Hence, video testimonials can engage consumers emotionally.


Advertising for your product can be great, but video testimonials help you to save money.

In the case of advertisements, first, you need to hire a good content writer, which will cost you plus consume your time. Second, finding a good actor itself is a hard and costly job. Third, with the launch of so many products around most of the advertisements looks fake to the consumers.

On the other hand, video testimonials help you save money. Thus, it makes the product look more genuine and also fascinates customers.


Reading a long description of a product becomes boring and customers tend to lose interest. Video testimonials help in customer engagement with your product. Videos have more impact on a person. It helps the consumers to visually look at the quality of your product.

Video testimonials help you build and share stories based on your product. This grabs the interest of the consumers and attracts them towards purchasing your product.


Promoting through video testimonials is being practiced by most of the companies.

Consumer testimonial videos create extremely powerful marketing opportunities for your business. The reason is because of the credibility they hold.

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