Guide to make Imapctfull Testimonial Videos

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Sales and targets are often hyped and untouchable things but it’s not. People buy things and services after being assured of someone familiar or genuine. The old saying is true in some sense that what must be heard must be believed.

People endorse their products and services timely but it’s not enough to do proper sales and achieve targets. FeedFleet comes in as a customer reviews & video testimonials tool, which helps the business acquire more clients and retain them for the long term with just testimonials videos.

Suppose You’re looking to buy something costly and you have saved enough money by cutting down the daily wages. Then you must think 100 times before buying that particular thing cuz it’s your blood money. You’ve searched many websites for instance; and short-listed a few options at 3 different online stores. Now the question arises…

Which one will you choose?

Before you are ready to go to check out, you must prefer to watch reviews about it, how many people are satisfied with the product or services, and what they truly feel about it. One with multiple customer reviews and testimonial videos showing the thing from all angles, describing why they chose this thing over all other options and gushing about its features, its functions, its durability?

And the other two websites with an indistinguishable ‘nice product’ comment in the review section. These kinds of comments over the product are not engaging as many people left these on unread.

When you spend some money which is hard-earned money then you need to be sure before buying it. Now when it’s time to choose the website; you would go and believe the former one with video reviews you found genuine and trustable.

Everyone does this kind of cross-checks before further going, and everyone should always have.

Is it worth Spending Hard-Earned Money?? 

Regardless of how good your merchandise or services actually is, one who has never heard of your company and literally not a bit idea about it. People have always been skeptical until they heard of you and your services with affirmations of their pals.

People find Testimonial Videos genuine because they get assurances from their peers over the merchandise and services; which helps them to build some trust with them.

You can spend a lot of time making plans and perfecting the ways of marketing and brand awareness content, but the most effective way these days is feedback from clients and supportive words in the form of video testimonials.

Why Customer Testimonial Videos?

  • People need reviews and assurance to trust something unfamiliar…
  • Using testimonials on your website can help you generate more revenue than average…
  • Every customer not just once, but on every visit of others on the same product…
  • The written reviews of something are easier to beat when it comes to testimonial Videos reviews…
  •  Videos take significantly people’s attention and time people often find it more engaging and connecting…
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Steps to Create Awesome Customer Testimonial Videos:-

Creating testimonial videos is a tough task as compared to written testimonials it requires effort, money, and a proper message to be delivered to the customer. An awesome testimonial videos is the one that straight away captivates viewer’s attention and convinces them to go through a clickable “Buy Now” button link. 

Here we have mentioned the 3 testimonial videos factors which can cast spell on the audience if followed properly:-

1) Conveying a message that shows the benefits of the Product.

A high-quality video testimonial depicts the benefit of the service or brand rather than specific results and measurable features data. Praising isn’t enough to convince people to buy or try out your services. Recounting the assorted features of any brand doesn’t work in this throat-cut competition.

Every small and big brand promotes their brand in the same manner that there are lots of nice services and products. But the question is why only your product or service is unique and provides some extra? However, it is better than to make people aware of the pros and benefits of using your product and how it can bring a change in their business or life.

It needs to emphasize substantial results in your video testimonials by which your audience can relate and feel confident about it to buy further.

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2) Shoot Video in a way that people find it Genuine and Authentic

Legitimacy is an indispensable and integral part of customer video testimonials that brings leads and drives conversions of audience. If we talk about consumers, they say genuineness in a product is important while choosing the brands and services. Randomly they never like to suggest and support any service or product to their loved ones.

Consumers are smart enough to make choices between genuine or scripted endorsements, they can easily find paid promotions and recommendations. So it’s important for creators to create videos that serve the real purpose and are authentic and trustworthy.

3) It tells about a Trust Driven Strong Story

Humans have emotions and they are easily driven by emotions. A customer video testimonial should be so impactful that people can easily connect with it. Testimonial videos about your brand not only promote your services over here and there, but also it’s a way to put up trust with your viewers that’s where a strong story comes in which can play its cards.

According to research done by analysts, if people find any video testimonial genuine they surely love to buy the product in future, and on an average 25% will buy the product immediately.

Since a video customer testimonial should have to have a story that doesn’t bring boredom to the audience. If truth be told, it makes them feel connected with your brand.

How good is a Customer Testimonial Videos?

Creating a good customer testimonial video isn’t easy peasy, neither it’s like creating any other normal video nor it’s with a professional artist and high-quality video shoot…
If you want people to buy your product at the very first choice and suggest it to others, then you should think about the analogy of gaining trust through video creation…

Creating a Strong Script is the Key

An ideal script can be written in that way mentioned below-

Introductory pain points: Tell customers to emphasize their pain points and why they should opt for your service soon.
Body: By describing the key benefits of your product/service and why the spectators chose your brand only out of all.
While Wrapping up:   The story should tell people you get satisfied and benefitted by the product or services you mentioned.

Conclusion :-

It has been seen in most successful video testimonials that script plays a vital role in conveying a message that guides people to trust you. It should be structured and have a flow in it that engages people throughout the video of one or two minutes. So it’s your humble duty to keep all the cards in your hands and play it safe while keeping in mind when you write your video script.

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