Increase Conversion Rates with Testimonials on Landing Page

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Many might not know the latest and modern techniques of endorsements; they are still sticking to the orthodox modes of marketing and sales. But some smart businessmen love to choose Video Testimonials as an asset to endorse their products in a new way.

Not only that Testimonial helps them to reach worldwide but implementing a customer video on landing pages becomes a plus and is in fact a huge opportunity.

Why this not be an opportunity for them!! It’s because very few know about it—Precisely… not all in the competitive market using this technique of conversions without knowing it well. So we are here to tell you the pros of video testimonials in conversion rate.

Why Video Testimonials embedded on landing page Testimonials can increase conversions by 62%.

The famous magazine Forbes Insights said that most of the executives like 79% generally surfing business-related websites for informational videos every week. Some of them on an average of 22% expect to watch a customer testimonial for assurance and rating review.

If we dive deeper into the analysis of Forbes Insights we would find that almost every successful brand has landing page videos in which they magically turn their leads into conversions.

Why landing page Testimonials are worthy?

Let’s take a scenario of a person visiting the business website of XYZ, a company for his needs and the website derive him into its landing page where he finds all the necessary details and how to start guide and Video Testimonials of people and clients. It surely would increase the chances of converting the visitors into clients. But what makes an ordinary Video Testimonial be the reason for increasing conversion rate and make your business a well-known brand is the trust, genuineness, and assurance of previous buyers.

3 Key points that help in conversion 

1— An Emotional Bond While Connecting viewers

Testimonial videos use your genuine customers in place of professional artists. As well as the scriptwriters based on customers, experience writes relatable dialogue to deliver with full of emotions.  Also, background music will be superfluous to persuade the audience and visitors.

These are some important elements in a Video Testimonial that glint emotions of the public and compel them to trust the brand due to many positive feedbacks. These genuine behaviors of your business clients and Customer Testimonials surely influence the forthcoming buyers. In addition, to creating a shared experience Video Testimonial, you need to ask them for their generous helping hands that can make any type of business trustworthy and well known.

In fact, your prospects of what they watch will preserve an average of 65% of things more than just reading or hearing somewhere. Although Testimonials have existed before in a written way also the engagements rely on particular word choices, tone of content, proper punctuation, and some other elements such as emoticons or any info-graphic image to cast an imaginary scenario of a person in the viewer’s mind. A reader had to read multiple feedbacks testimonials before calling to action.

Even though text-based Testimonials are just some words written on web pages, they can easily be faked and also much easier to manipulate the whole persona of prospects. There is a high chance of faking these testimonials by the marketing team of one’s own company. In fact, anyone can write self-praise on their own.

Video Testimonials are doing wonders in convincing people to buy or start using the product and services of any business company. According to some reports generated by legendary departments that a two-minute video is much more impactful than some written text over anything. It influences people 67% more than any other convincing technique.

2—Video Testimonials Build Trust

Humans have always been skeptical when we talk about beginning with a new product and an unfamiliar brand.  People believe in results; so should they need to put everyone under the same cloud? Well, it’s quite tough to answer. As far as where some B2B buyers are concerned, we’ve seen many times situation arises where a vendor over-promised and at the time of final delivering the project they under-delivered.

People get used to advertisements, so it barely affects them in terms of selling. They know whatever they are watching on screen is played by some paid characters. So it’s hard for them to believe in your claims unless you put all your genuine customer’s story self told by them on people’s tables.

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That’s the only reason, many B2B clients rely on mouth publicity rather than few readable articles and all. They want some authenticity in your message or advertisements you are showing up to people. It doesn’t attract clients and customers then believe me you are doing effortless marketing in the wrong place.

Video Testimonials build trust with clients and prospects for long-term business relations. It is so impactful that people can’t forget a video message straight till more than a month.

Research has been done by measuring the electrical activity in our brains cells while consuming video/audio and when we see a combo of that it generates a positive signal in the neurons. It compels the human mind to trust and to keep remember things for long…

These electrical signals generated in the mind work directly on your prospects’ beliefs. When they see a Video Testimonial, the person who is telling their story of change that your product brought in their life holds their interest and allows them to start building trust with your brand in a very different way rather than product demos and info-graphics.

3—-Video Testimonials helps Create Cohesion  

To resonate with a business brand and get associated with it is a unique way of getting video testimonials.  These B2B clients Video Testimonial gives you the ability to stand out amongst others. Also, it helps in altering the relations with previous or forthcoming clients that they have about your business.

Testimonials, Video Testimonial, Feedfleet best Video testimonial Company

When your happy and satisfied clients share real-life stories of your product, like how many ways it helped them transform the sales and business. The expected prospects can make an emotional bond and resonance with your brand… 

The benefits of Video Testimonials have no limits and the importance of Video Testimonials only can be understood by a business like yours. 

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