How To Have More Testimonials In The Easiest Way Possible

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Are you making the most of testimonials? If not, you’re passing up a chance to convert more clients into subscriptions and consumers. We’ll teach you how to get testimonials and how to use them efficiently in this post.

When you start a new blog or company, convincing people to subscribe to your newsletter or purchase your product or say delighted can be challenging. That is where testimonials enter the image. Testimonials are a highly effective method of persuading visitors to become subscribers and clients.

However, how do you amass outstanding testimonials?

If you’re unsure how to obtain consumer testimonials, consider these 11 tried-and-true tactics. Before we get started, let’s examine why testimonials are so efficient.

What Is a Testimonial and Why Is It So Incredible?

A testimonial is comparable to a review; here’s how it’s defined: A testimonial is a sincere affirmation in which someone attests to the commodity, individual, or service’s consistency.

There are a few points worth noting in that definition:
  1. It must be accurate.
  2. It is illegal to fabricate testimonials. Additionally, since most users will see straight through a bogus testimonial, it detracts from the site’s credibility, not increases it.
  3. It is a recommendation.

4. A testimonial must come from someone who can publicly recommend your product or website. That implies that they should have made use of it. It should provide a summary of the characteristics.

5. It is not sufficient for that individual to simply state that they tried it; they should also note how much they enjoyed it and why.

After learning how testimonials can benefit your blog or company, let’s get to the meat of the matter: Check out these 11 tips for obtaining excellent Video Testimonials.
1. Conduct a social media search

One of the simplest methods for obtaining consumer testimonials is discovering and using what others are talking about you on social media. For almost every form of blog or online enterprise, social media is an incredible source of testimonials. People go there to rant, socialize, and celebrate stuff, so you’ll see a constant stream of people saying awesome things about you if you’re doing something well.

2. Request Permission to Use Quotes From Emails Sent to You

Another way to obtain testimonials is to use excerpts from letters. For instance, one of your blog readers can send you an email expressing their appreciation for your content and how beneficial your tips have been to them. That could be used as a reference!

3. Review The Blog’s Comments

If you’ve been following Web Tyrant’s tactics for increasing feedback, you may have a plethora of hidden gems on your blog. It can be challenging to solicit testimonials through blog comments because they are often unique to the soliciting post. However, now and then, you will come across some general appreciation that will render an excellent testimonial.

4. Be Thankful

Your client has willingly given their time and provided you with an invaluable asset. A nice “Thank You” can go a long way. Take the time to send a hand-written note and a small gift after the video has been completed to show your appreciation.

So now that you’ve lined up your top and most enthusiastic clients, sent your sales team out to get them on board, and vetted through legal teams (including written permission to use the video publicly) – prepare your video team to be ready to work their magic! And if you’ve made it all the way to the end of this blog, pat yourself on the back that you are capable of surpassing the attention span of a goldfish.

5. Participate in a Testimonial Swap

Testimonials are critical for online companies to establish confidence and boost revenue. Thus, you can imagine how pleased a company would be if you left them an excellent testimonial. They’ll be so delighted, in particular, that they’ll be more likely to provide you with a testimonial in exchange. If your online company and another business have already used the goods or services of the other, you may exchange testimonials.

6. Exchange a Free Product for a Testimonial

Additionally, several emerging blogs and online companies deliver a free product in return for an honest review. This is particularly prevalent in writers who submit a complimentary copy of their latest book to other authors or their biggest fans in return for a review. If you’re a writer, you might have also sent emails from businesses promising to send you a free product in return for a review on your site. Therefore, if you’re marketing a commodity such as an eBook, mailing out a few complimentary copies may be an effective way to obtain testimonials.

7. Use a high-Quality Equipment 

It is relatively easy to use whatever you have in your hands to record a Video testimonial but trust me it’s worth taking time to get a high-quality instrument and get a real-world class testimonial.  Ensure you use a reliable camera and stable tripod with an efficient sound system to record a testimonial that makes a difference

8. Focus on why rather than what?

The customers who are watching your testimonials are more interested in knowing why your product is the one they should buy rather than what features it has as it can be looked upon on product brochures and feature lists. 

Instead, the video should capture the challenges that your customer may face or face and how your product will be a savior for them and help to solve and fix their problems. In this way, you will coincide with real people facing real issues. 

Ask Questions that get emotions. 

  • Why did you start to look for a solution to this problem?
  •  What is the most frustrating and troublesome part of this product solved for you?
  • How did our product solve the problem for you?
9. Connect is the Key

Facts and statistics are crucial and really turn the heads down at sensitive moments. The fact that your product can bring a surge in your productivity by 35% or can decrease the investments by say $30000 is good to mention but even before that it is very important to get into the minds and hearts of your customers.

That’s the magic of emotional connection!

If your customers can connect with the emotion of the video and your subject then you have an excellent and miraculous tool that can do wonders for your business.

10. Add graphics and texts

Even a simple video can be extremely powerful and effective but adding additional text and graphics not only makes them more exciting but also makes your customers more engaged and attracted to your videos and eventually the videos can be used for sharing the statistics and facts in a more approachable way clubbed with the testimonials.

11. Keep it short and crisp

With all the fanatic techniques that you use to make a video testimonial, it is very easy to get overwhelmed and increase the duration of your video. No, please don’t get carried away.
A 2-3 minute video should be the goal.  A good detailed conversation may follow once you have engaged the client.  “Remember customers want you to get to the point so that they can move on to the next stage of decision making.”

Make a decision, take the step, bring the difference home!

Get into the exciting and exuberating world of video testimonials!

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