How VIDEO TESTIMONIALS Can Make Your Clients Fall In Love With your Business!

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According to a Nielson survey, 59% of consumers prefer to buy new products from brands familiar to them. The Trust index majorly depends on the reviews and endorsements that a particular brand attains over a given period of time.

As a marketer, it becomes very important to choose the right marketing strategy and ensure the brand recall and brand loyalty reciprocate the brand Success.

Now that the importance of reviews has been established well in the business, let’s have a quick sneak at how you can create an effective brand review.

Do you know that Video testimonials can totally do wonders for your brand?

The key to a video testimonial is authenticity. You want to prioritize sharing a customer’s story in his or her own words to maximize the impact (and believability) of the story.

Testimonials were effective in the past years and will be effective in the coming years. Actually, testimonials are just another word for research or review.

When it comes to spending money people want to have a guarantee that they are spending it in a smart way. In Fact, according to a research, more than 95% of the  purchase decision in Online Shopping is triggered by Video testimonials.

That’s why customers look forward to sorting down the products they are investing in based on quality video testimonials or a video Demonstration of the product which reinforces the confidence that it is worth Spent. 

And to gain their trust you need to showcase your product. Video testimonials can easily gain the trust of the viewers. 

Video testimonials are like a cherry on top of a cake. If your product is high class and you showcase it with the help of video testimonials or video product snippets which are actually video reviews from your present clients will help you grab new customers.

The Journey to attract the customers: 

  • You look for which group of people can become your potential customer. 
  • Prepare videos in such a way that they make a strong impact on the target audience. You can use animations, brand films (along with a film story they promote your brand meanwhile).
  • Start using and engaging tools in order to grab the attention of your target audience. Start with showing the behind the scene videos which include team culture, progress, etc this will make people trust you.
  • You can also make some Q&A videos which are liked by the people because it solves their problem of knowing about your product and they start believing in your product and your brand. 
  • And now you convert!! You have gained your target audience’s trust, and they are now ready to get converted into your potential buyers. 
  • Testimonials work like magic for your brand; they make your target audience fall for your product without any second thought. You have their trust and faith and now put some FAQs videos, be honest and transparent with your audience. Gather questions from them and answer them honestly.
  • The last is a product video. Make product videos that will help the target audience to trust you more and buy your product.

The impact that Video testimonials leave on your audiences.

If you’re a small business owner, and you’re trying to nurture and develop your leads into customers. 

What is the best way to achieve the results you want?

Once you have grabbed the attention of your audience, and persuaded and attracted them to your website with quality content, and finally created a desire for them to receive emails and follow your social channel. But you still end up finding that they are reluctant and still aren’t ready to buy.

 How would you turn their decision in your favor without being too Sales?

There are many reasons a Video Testimonial is a feather in the cap for all your marketing efforts. Believe it or not but Video testimonials add an extra element of persuasiveness and personality, making them the way to go when you need to convince your audience to take action.

Have a quick look at why Video testimonials are the best way to Reach, Attract, Engage and convert your audience.

  • Shows Specific and Tangible Reviews
  • The genuine truth is presented 
  • Captures the in real moment
  • A case study by Customer Itself
  • Focuses on the customer journey
  • Generates Exclusivity
  • Leads the Emotions 
  • Master the after

Curious to know how you can utilize a testimonial video for your own company, We can help! 

Let’s connect to deep dive a little more and explore how a video testimonial can lift your business. 

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