What’s the Best Way for B2B SaaS Companies to Acquire Customer Testimonials?

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Efficacy of Customer Testimonials for B2B SaaS Companies

It’s crucial to consider the importance of customer testimonials and make them a part of your business strategy. B2B SaaS companies are aware of the weight that customer testimonials carry whether that is in the form of videos or written reviews online. Having said that, it does not take much to perceive the advantages that customer testimonials carry when you’re attempting to set up a prudent and successful business plan.

Consumers use the platform for interacting and reviewing the products on major websites which go on to shape and influence the latter’s business strategies. Behemoths of E-commerce and B2B and have relied on and inculcated the idea of customer testimonials into their business plans for the year!

One might suggest that consumer reviews in all forms have groomed these giants to refine and polish their brand. Facebook, Amazon, Flipkart, and Google have polished their platform and services to accentuate the user experience and further ensure the success of their businesses.

Importance of Customer Testimonials and Ideas to Acquire Them

Way before purchasing or investing in a service, product, or idea, a buyer will always be apprehensive, and to dispel their doubts, they will do their homework! However, they are neither privy nor interested in perusing through a company’s marketing strategy or plan before buying into it.

So how does it work? They look towards their fellow customers who leave reviews and testimonials on said websites. Individuals seek kindred spirits before taking their first step into anything!

A testament to that is we always scroll down to the review section before making a purchase. It’s a tacit form of endorsement, a method to sell your ideas, products, or services.

  • But it doesn’t end there, as we mentioned before, your competitors are more than aware of the advantages that come with implementing customer testimonials. Indeed, that is the reason a myriad of software companies implement and showcase customer testimonials across all of their social platforms, right from their official website to promotional pages on social media and sales communications.
  • Customers thrive and hinge their decisions on the customer testimonials presented on websites. Not implementing this idea will leave you disadvantaged and might prove detrimental to your B2B SaaS Company’s future.
  • Customer testimonials are ideally useful for marketing and promoting prospective leads, helping in converting them to loyal customers. In fact, they could serve as the vouch of confidence they need before purchasing or making that investment. In that endeavor, you can provide them with customer testimonials by including them in emails, product literature, sales collateral, product literature, and through other means as well.

Here are a few ways to ensure your B2B SaaS services gets Customer Testimonials:

Straight-up Ask Your Customers!

It doesn’t get any simpler than this, of course, you need to have customer testimonials before actually implementing them on your website or other avenues. You can’t build a monument without that first brick. Another prudent method to get a head start on that front is if you have already hired an entourage of trial users for your B2B SaaS.
Having a team of trial users ensures that you have already established a stable relationship with them and can further anticipate future events. They are a wise place to start and build a fruitful customer testimonial portal.

Getting Video Testimonials for B2B SaaS

It can be tough to ask your customers to go on video and entail their experience and views on your products and services. But having said that, it is crucial to note that customers in the initial phases of our purchasing seek means to avail discounts. One way that you can make your consumers happy and gain benefits for years to come is by providing a discount in exchange for agreeing to participate in certain marketing endeavors.

Obviously, the customer must feel satisfied with the proposition and give their consent before jumping the gun. Now, this proposition might include speaking on the company’s behalf or express their approval on webinars and conferences. At the very least, the agreement should include participating in video testimonials. This is a win-win for both the consumer and B2B marketing, proving beneficial for your SaaS business in the long run.

In a long-term business partnership, it can prove prudent to instill a proposal that ensures that your consumers or partners have agreed to go on camera for video testimonials. This tactic is especially useful for loyal consumers and established businesses which will aid in drawing future business partnerships.

Candor and Transparency

Offering incentives and discounts is a prudent idea but what’s imperative to ensure good customer testimonials and trust in general is upholding your candor with consumers.

  • If you’re preparing a contract which includes a clauses mandating the need for testimonials in the form of writing or visuals then make sure, that the consumer isn’t blindsided. This helps in building trust and establishes the idea that testimonials are expected from future customers.
  • Follow up on your agreements and make sure the consumer feels secure and informed after saying yes to providing testimonials
  • Contrive a compelling argument to encourage the customer to provide testimonials. Informing them that their endorsement will eventually result in their advantages and more incentives is smart and sagacious.


Having said all of that, using customer testimonials for B2B SaaS marketing is a wonderful way to gain that influx of prospects and help build trust with your website visitors. They serve as a testament to your credibility and acumen. It can feel daunting and perplexing in devising methods to ensure that consumers express their opinions without being intrusive. Those opinions and testimonials will serve as the stepping stone for other prospective leads to instill their trust in your services.

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