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Contribution of Social Media for Promoting Video Testimonials

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Social Media has become the gateway to market and promote your products in the easiest of ways. Customers often believe more in word of mouth, thus video testimonials have proved to provide leverage in marketing the products and services.

With the advent of various social media platforms, we can easily look out for many options to post video testimonials to advertise the services across the globe. Let us discuss social media platforms used in the promotion of video testimonials in detail below:

1. Conducting a Video Contest on Facebook

To turn your visitors into clients, posting video testimonials on a particular company page can be beneficial. The visitors look for positive reviews before deciding on buying a specific product or service. For getting the maximum number of Video testimonials for your business from your customers, you can start a video contest.

In a video contest, the customers are asked to make a video and submit it. The videos can be in the form of service testimonials or product testimonials or testimonials of the entire business in short. To increase participation, gifts can be awarded to the participants based on the quality of the videos submitted.

Further, you can promote your contests on other social media platforms to expand their reach to wider clients. This marketing tactic will help get more feedback from your consumers and lead to an increase in potential customers.

2. Using Instagram

Since user-generated content(UGC) is in demand, the visual learners prefer going through customer reviews in a video form. With around 200 million videos been uploaded regularly, Instagram is a must tool for getting social proof and user-generated content for marketing.

Like Facebook, video contests can be conducted on its owned company, Instagram, for video testimonials. An Instagram giveaway can be utilized while running these contests. To increase the service or product reviews’ reach, the customers can tag their friends in the comment section in the post designated for contests.

To organize the content of a business-related Instagram page, a separate page solely related to reviews received from the customers can be created. The link to the reviews related page can be provided on the main page for the potential customers to refer to.

Apart from conducting contests, IGTV can be one of the main contributors to include video testimonials from the customers. The best feature of IGTV is that a video can be posted on it up to a limit of an hour. The customers can share their experiences related to using a particular product or service through a video. You can later upload their videos to IGTV as per Instagram’s video upload requirements.

3. Contribution of Linked In in promoting video testimonials

Linked In, a well-known professional networking platform offers the option of adding links to your profile. As social proof, you can add links to your video testimonials available on your youtube channel to increase the sale of your products. To help in your brand’s upscale, genuine Video reviews software from your clients is an added benefit.

Besides, the link to the company’s website can be included, wherein you can embed the existing clients’ video testimonials.

It is suggested to reach out to your customers and offer discounts in return for the video testimonials. This will lead to customers relying on your services more, and you being helped from their honest and genuine reviews.

4. Using Pinterest

Pinterest, in addition to creating your account, provides the option of creating a business account. The business account offers the extra features of pinning your videos, which is not present in personal accounts. You can pin your video testimonials obtained from existing clients. This gives a scope for widening your business. The view count of the videos can also be seen. Thus, potential customers can become permanent with the help of this social media platform.

5. Youtube

A social media marketing platform can be used for posting video testimonials easily, as it is one of the widely used google applications.

Social media marketing has contributed to a great extent to promote Product description engagement. Besides helping potential customers with the genuine reviews they view visually, the video testimonials can be created on social media platforms to run an ad campaign. Whether it’s about a landing page or making a product purchase, social media and video testimonials have a bright future ahead.

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