Customizable Video Requests


Provide Instructions

Give your customers simple directions provide them with details and directions for his or her video.

  • Personalized
  • Branded
  • Customizable
  • Multi-prompts


One-click to record across any device anywhere within the world. No app download, nor login required


Customize your terms

Set the privacy policy and terms of conditions specific to your needs. And request a signature if required. you'll also request for extra user information, including text or photos


Customize your Thank you message

Set the many thanks message and call to action to guide your customers to next steps. These can include automated incentives, discount codes, etc..

Publish in platforms with maximum visibility!

Shopify Store or Website

Increase conversions by over 30%! Use our video carousel player to widen customer range on your Shopify Store or Website.

Ads and other Channels

Use videos to gain maximum coverage! Include recordings in ads displayed on Facebook, YouTube and high profile sales channels like Sephora, Wayfair etc.


Single Repository for All Your Videos

Videos automatically upload to your private feedfleet account for review. Easily organize and download at anytime.


Increase Authenticity in Your Video Ads

Video testimonials are a proven way of guaranteeing a brand's credibility. Include testimonials in YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon and other sites to establish authenticity.


Syndicate Videos to Amazon

People believe what they see. Including testimonials in product listing within video shorts, image blocks and various other placements will increase trustworthiness among the audience.