How to Write Great Customer Testimonials Using Video Review Software?

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Video Review Software is in Trend because of countless Youtubers, Digital Marketers, and Producers. There have been so many web-based Video Review Software allowing a video editor to receive feedbacks which helps in rectification. Most of the videos rendered by editors are said to contain the most ROI than other content because of the vast number of excellent editing software and effects. 

Going through a video review platform where a company shares a product-based video, you can write great customer testimonials. Customer Testimonials are one of the major features of a company’s success. A customer testimonial is direct unguided feedback from a customer. 

Why are Customer Testimonials necessary?

  • Provides credibility and builds trust
  • Paves way for promising collaborations
  • Connection with Regular customers
  • Company’s reputation increases
  • Conversion rates increase

New Customers will get to read the captivating testimonials on the company page which assures their participation in the future. 

Here are certain ways to write a Great Customer Testimonial

Decide on the story you wish to tell the main reason why other customers read a testimonial is to check a company’s potential. To attract the customers, the given content must be catchy with details such as customer’s satisfaction, their need for buying the product, their success/victory story backed by the company, etc., 

 “I am super happy to have come across your website. Today I successfully have my domain. All thanks go to you! Kudos!”

The above-given example shows the story of an online retailer who has set up a website domain through a website company. This type of personal story feedbacks posted on a video review software platform can be well utilized to build a testimonial. Such positive testimonials will attract new customers.

So, determining the narrative will help in classifying the best testimonials.

1. Voluntarily Asking Questions 

Sometimes, there might not be enough relative content to build a testimonial story. At these times, asking certain questions directly to the customers provide more details. Customers’ reviews on the software at times might be short, so you can personally message them or put out a public questionnaire for all the staff or customers to answer. 

To write a well-refined testimonial, there must be a lot on the plate to classify. Certain key points to focus on while asking questions are:

  • Company’s support to customers
  • Solutions used to overcome issues
  • Satisfaction rating of the Service 

 Before writing a testimonial, determining the area of concern where information lacks, will enable you to jot down specific questions. Reaching out to customers will also build the relationship between the company and the customers.

2. Direct and Short Testimonials

People read reviews with a set of questions in the mind. If the testimonial is long without necessary details, then the buyer who is reading will quickly shift. So, it is mandatory to provide direct, short, and sweet testimonials with details about the product and the feelings of the buyer. Reviews posted on the software are most critical or short or direct, pointing a specific scene in the video. If there are many reviews on that point, you will have to construct a direct testimonial having all the customers’ feedback in mind.

A testimonial must start with an impactful sentence e.g. 

“The product was the same as shown in the video. It is worth the price. Thank you so much.” 

This given example might answer a customer’s doubt over the product’s authenticity. The new customer will rely on such direct testimonials to proceed with the purchase. 

 The testimonial must be compelling, impactful, direct, short, and crisp.

3. Authenticity

Authenticity is Credibility. Many sites easily generate bot reviews and nowadays customers are clever enough to spot fake reviews. 

 Especially on web-based platforms, inbuilt bots produce rapid reviews. You must ensure that the picked-out reviews are authentic. Whereas there are options in the software to allow only selected people but mostly the videos are accessed by many reviewers.

Here is an example of an unauthentic review:

“The iPhone Charging Cable was nice, and it lasted for over 3 years.”

Usually, USB cables’ tips experience cracks over time. This review sounds like a bot set to provide positive feedbacks. This will not appeal to Tech geeks. So, the reviews must be from real people who used the product. 

 These are the basic criteria for authenticity.

4. Visual Presentation

Visually presenting a testimony will enhance engagement. Regular and Legit customers willfully provide their pictures. Happy Photos of customers are super powerful in marketing and is a key strategy in neuromarketing web design. An A/B Test proved that pictures of faces have increased conversion rates by 102.5%.

In video review software, customers or staff will have to log in with details. In most of the software, setting a profile picture is mandatory. So, you can directly ask them about using their profile picture or some other picture they wish to send for the testimonial.

Testimonials with pictures are eye-catching, authentic, engaging, and credible. 

There are many online Video Review Software that comes up with free plans and premium packs. Some of the most reviewed Software are Frame IO, Filestage, Wipster, etc., These software are cost-effective, excellent in providing reviews for specific frames, stakeholder feedbacks, automatically segregates in-context feedbacks, avails collaboration with agencies, sharing of staff links is possible and testimonials can be directly transferred to editing software. 

Every testimonial written must tag the company’s logo because there are chances of testimonials getting stolen by similar clone sites.

The main key factors of writing a great testimonial are Direct Content, Eye-Catching First Line, Real Stories, Happy faces, and Solutions.

To attract customers, it is advised to post testimonials on every page of the site. Regularly adding new testimonials will keep the site fresh and ongoing.

Are you planning to now sit and equip the above methods, or do you know anyone who will be helped by these ideas? Share it.

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