How useful are the Video Reviews for your Services/Products?

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The digital age has helped create a global platform for people to share their talents and their creations with the world. Internet has helped create a larger market for businesses. With the increasing dependency on digitization, it has become necessary for businesses to create an attractive presence on the internet. Companies, brands and individuals with an online site have more probability of garnering customers. Video reviews have now become an essential part of marketing which affect the growth of a brand. A good video review has the ability to influence and gather fresh customers. Showcasing a customer talking about the uses and benefits of one’s products is a strong way of incurring greater sales.


Results of searches have now made available the inclusion of videos to them, which make visual representation of a brand or service quite important when searched for by a customer. Video marketing and reviews now have the ability to increase the growth of a business by a large fold, influencing the viewers.

People prefer visual representations when compared to texts as it is easy to understand and more comprehensible. Hence video reviews are viewed and taken into consideration by a large part of the audience. Video reviews give a more humanized perspective of a particular product or brand, helping customers to connect with them. They allow the people to see how the products work and let them see the various colors, sizes, and texture of the product from all angles. Youtube channels and other social media pages have begun reviewing products which in turn have brought a larger audience to brands with positive product reviews. A demonstration of the product while in use attracts the attention of people who are interested in the product.

Videos help give customers a visual representation of the product, giving them a personalized experience that makes it easier for them to trust the brand and purchase the product. For example, Lenskart’s online site allows customers to try out spectacles online by making a personalized video which enables them to check various products and view glasses through all angles. This helps customers get a personal view and allows them to review better. It creates an engaging platform that is open to a two way form of communication. In regards to electronic gadgets, video reviews help showcase the different features of the gadget while being used and comparisons with previous models or other brands spark more interest among the customers. Studies show that most people take into consideration video recommendations while shopping online, which makes it an essential tool for brands.

A doubt often found in the minds of the people is that there is a possibility that individuals leave reviews online using multiple aliases, since the internet allows users to create multiple accounts. Video testimonials eliminate this doubt as it gives a face to the reviewers and helps establish the authenticity of the review.


For individuals and brands that offer various services be it in the health department, event management or any other personal service, video reviews help create a greater reach. They not only help emphasize the positives but also allow the inclusion of their work in order to ensure that the customers thoroughly understand the service. Videos that include the individuals while in work, enable the viewers to garner more understanding about the service and the quality offered. Video reviews are useful in attracting customers who are acquainted with the individual reviewing. Reviews by influencers and individuals of a greater following help widen the marketing platform. Since these are individuals trusted by their followers, they bring in a loyal consumer market. Video reviews can range from brief views to detailed views of the service, letting people select reviews according to their preference.

Brands have now begun collaborating with famous personalities, as the inclusion of their products in online posts and videos is a cheaper but effective way to advertise themselves to the people. Additionally, when customers share their reviews on their respective social media platforms, it enables the products to have larger exposure. There are sites available that are solely dedicated to showcasing customer reviews about different products and brands. Inclusion of product or service reviews in such sites is a direct way to target people, as their audiences are people who are looking to make a definite purchase.

Creating a video review feature that is easy to use will help more consumers submit reviews, which in turn will positively influence other customers to purchase from the particular brand. The more reviews that a site has, the more chance it has of coming across as a legitimate and concrete organization. A visual review is important as it helps build trust among the audience, showcasing the product and the brand, which in turn contributes to build a loyal relationship between the brand and the consumer.

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