2020 has been a rollercoaster which gives you all the more reasons to reframe your e-Commerce Marketing Strategy with Feedfleet's Video Testimonials.

Your product is just a waste if you do not have the brand visibility it deserves. In a sea of products in the e-commerce niche, every marketer aims to seal the deal but an end cannot be met without the foundation of trust. What do you do then?

Tweak your e-commerce video marketing strategy by creating content of other clients' video testimonials.

The strategy is a win-win situation for you: While you have satisfied customers, you also attract more prospects due to the exposure your brand gets through videos. Videos are engaging as they capture emotions which written reviews are unable to describe effectively.


Why Video Testimonials?

According to collected data, video testimonials prove increased conversions and are crucial in customer research and buying habits or behaviour.

Testimonials are compelling to the human mind because it is a form of social proof that validates your brand or product.

According to psychological studies of human behaviour, we tend to follow the activities of other people before us because we presuppose that those actions are correct.

These reviews help with organic growth. All you need to do is run an extra mile to satiate your existing consumers and your prospects. The delighted testimonials come naturally after that. Thus, building momentum and then a loop of positive reviews and delighted customers.

Just like how video replaced the radio, it has started to replace boring written reviews. Visitors can relate to your product and connect with it because their like-minded consumers are providing their testimonials.

Plus, they get to experience an exclusive 360° angle of your product. Video testimonials fall next in line to the try-touch-smell experience. It is the next best thing and the most preferred option among consumers before they make a purchase.


How we do it

We at Feedfleet, analyse the buying habits of customers and implement various tactics. With an assemblage of various testimonials of customer experience with your e-commerce enterprise, we sieve out stories and weave it to manifest the personality of your brand.

Get the most out of Feedfleet as we do not stop until we reach the optimal numbers for you; augmenting leads, customers, sales, conversions, organic traffics and more.


Add Authenticity to Video Ads

Video testimonials are a proven way of guaranteeing a brand's credibility. Include testimonials in YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon and other sites to establish authenticity.


Increase Engagement by 3X

Real customers reviewing your brand increases relatability among new customers. So include testimonials on all your sites and social networks


Increase Conversions by 30%

Video testimonials are a definite way to increase your brand awareness and generate conversions.