In the modern medical landscape, it is essential to foster and nurture trust between the institution and patients. Having a medical foundation in place, despite how immaculate it may be, isn’t enough to instill trust and garner prudent medical pedigree. With the need for prudent healthcare gaining more prominence than ever, it is imperative to acknowledge that promoting your hospital’s brand is crucial in building it’s image.

With a plethora of medical institutions, clinics and healthcare services out there, it is tough to establish your stature as one of the elite but fret not. Through our services at Feedfleet, you will imbued and supported by a stupendous marketing process that will bolster your institution’s image.

Establishing your pedigree in this hyper competitive niche is the easier said than done

At Feedfleet, our sublime team of professionals conduct in-depth analysis and collate feedback from across the medical spectrum to carve out your image as an ideal brand. People have always relied on concurred opinions and feedbacks before arriving at any decisions, and this is especially true for healthcare institutes. Solidifying and promoting your brand’s excellence and efficacy relies heavily on testimonials from various components of the medical landscape, including the patients. Through Feedfleet’s stupendous services, your healthcare institute will garner the platform it needs to build trust and belief.

By collating hospital and clinic testimonials, we forge your brand’s image and paint a clear picture of your services. Patients, clients and other patrons will glean every bit of information they need from those testimonials. We collect feedback from your patients, clients, staff and other components in the form of video testimonials.

With a prudent assortment of testimonials creating and supporting your healthcare institute’s credibility, we ensure that you will witness a massive influx of new clients and patrons.


Single Repository for All Your Videos

Videos automatically upload to your private feedfleet account for review. Easily organize and download at anytime.


How To Get Client Testimonials

By assiduously analyzing the nuances of a client’s demands and services, we implement prudent tactics in order to extrapolate the maximum from each facet. This is essentially done in the form of video testimonials vouching for your excellence.

But it doesn’t end there as with a plethora of patients, clinics and hospital reviews collated to vouch for your brand’s image, you will instantly witness improved results and engagement. Healthcare is an indispensable component of our lives and we will help you in achieving prominence in your field.


Add Authenticity to Video Ads

Including video testimonials on your advertising channels like Facebook and Twitter will improve your credibility and increase brand loyalty


Syndicate Videos To Amazon

Including Video testimonials regarding your products and services on Amazon will help create a better understanding about your brand among the audience.